A sleepy Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning. Denice is still sleeping. The dogs are laying on the couch next to me. The sound of the washing machine drones away in the background. It’s quiet. I’m taking the time to relax. I’ve got the Joe Rogan Experience qued up. In this episode, he’s interviewing Abby Martin, formerly from Russia Today. This is pretty much how I unwind.

Last night we watched Hacksaw Ridge. It was pretty good. I didn’t know until the end that it was based on a true story, of a real person. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil it for you but be ready, there is a shit ton of carnage. It is a war movie after all. War is not pretty.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my coworkers last week. We were talking about the series on Netflix called, ‘Penny Dreadful.’ It is a horror drama set in late 19th century London. Anyway, the show is loaded with Violence and gore (obviously), and a modest amount of sex. What was amazing to me is that my coworker didn’t seem to have a problem with her daughter watching the extreme violence of Penny Dreadful, which includes but is not limited to: people being shot, stabbed, impaled, and dismembered. There were also some scenes that showed the bodies of murdered children and babies. All of that was just fine. Where she drew that line was when it got into all “the bad sexual stuff.” Really? You don’t see an issue with exposing your young daughter to nightmare-fule violence, but you do have a problem with a couple of brief scenes of a consensual and non-violent sexual encounter between two adults? I just have to shake my head and marvel at the mind job that conservative Christian culture has done on us.

Ok, back to this sleepy Sunday morning. It’s almost noon. In a few minutes, I’m going to wake Denice up, and we are going to have a great day. It is a beautiful day outside. I think I need to treat my skin to a little bit of warm sunshine. I recommend you all do the same.

Signing off, with much love.


More Brutality at Standing Rock

I finished up Walden Two today. It was a great book. I’m about to hit the sack, but I will write my thoughts on it, probably tomorrow.

I’ve noticed that MSM is reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline conflict now. It kind of makes me wonder why. Maybe things have escalated to the point that they can no longer ignore them or run the risk of being seen as completely irrelevant. Just today I saw that tribal leaders from the Standing Rock Sioux were pleading their case at the United Nations. It’s pretty disgraceful that it’s come to that, but something has to be done. The violence inflicted on the protestors by police and private security working for the oil company is getting way out of hand.

sophia-wilanskySophia Wilansky is the latest victim of the police violence at Standing Rock. Her arm was nearly blown off by a police concussion grenade. Please read the story on Democracy Now. Police are denying responsibility for her injury. This poor girl who was just trying to do the right thing may now have to go through life maimed, and in massive medical debt. I encourage anyone who can to contribute to the GoFundMe page set up to help out with her medical bills.

Stuff like this really sickens me. However, I must assume my share of the responsibility. DAPL is just a symptom of the real sickness. I support and encourage their industry by my personal refusal to transition away from fossil fuels. As long as we buy their product, they will continue to rape the earth and any and all who get in their way to acquire it. We all must change.