Thanksgiving Eve and The Whistleblower

Denice and I have been working as a team to clean and cook in preparation for Thanksgiving. It turns out that one of our relatives has opted to go elsewhere to celebrate, so that leaves us with myself, Denice, my mother, and her significant other. Oh, and four dogs. My mother’s dog is a wired-up chihuahua, and one of our dogs is a grumpy-grump around unfamiliar dogs. I have a feeling that things may go south, but it’s a risk that we take when dog people come together.

I’m going to postpone writing up a review of Walden Two until after Thanksgiving. I don’t want to rush it. It was a very good book, and has raised some interesting thoughts. Expect them soon.

chelseaI watched President Obama pardon a couple of turkeys today. It’s a fun tradition, and as always Obama is quiet entertaining. I suspect he is a likable guy in “real life.” I get the feeling that he would like to do a lot of good things, but is hamstrung by the interests that he has to pander to. I say that to bring up the fact that there is a young woman sitting in a lonely prison cell in Kansas who does not belong there. Chelsea Manning’s “crime” was giving a damn about her fellow human beings, and exposing the atrocities committed against them by the US military. Over the years of her unjust imprisonment she has been subject to long stretches of solitary confinement – conditions that are now recognized internationally as torture. She has been denied medical care, and basic human dignity. As a result this young woman has suffered severe mental distress, resulting in two unsuccessful suicide attempts. All of this has happened under the watch of a President that I still believe is a good person. I know that this is probably more complicated than I’m aware of, but still… Chelsea Elizabeth Manning has been punished enough. If there is anyone who has ever deserved and desperately needed a pardon, it would be her.

President Obama, I doubt sir that you would ever come across my little blog in the sea of information that you swim in, but if by chance you do… I humbly ask you to please, please don’t let your final days in office pass without setting Chelsea free.

Let’s scarf some bird flesh!

Hi gals, guys, otherkin, and indeterminate. It’s Monday. Just a few more days to one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving, a day set a side to celebrate scarfing unholy amounts of food… one of my favorite pastimes. We are all prepared here, with the exception of the pumpkin pies. Krogers was sold out, so we’ll have to track a couple down before the hammer drops on Thursday. Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

I now have in my possession, The Four Hour Body, by Tim Ferris. I have been gleaning what I could about Slow Carb and other tips and tricks found in this book from Youtube and various podcasts. I thought that I should go to the source to refine my methods. Luckily my local library had a couple of copies. Go socialism!

I’m just about to finish up Walden Two. I’ll make sure to write up a thorough review before I get too deep into my new book.

Time to sleep. Have a good night friends.

Just some hopeful rambling

Alas, the weekend is drawing to a close. I must return to work tomorrow. It will be a shorter than normal workweek though, since Thanksgiving is Thursday. In the past my company allowed us to take Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. That has changed. Now, we only get Thursday. It’s disappointing, but at least we get Thursday. So, I am thankful.

As bad as things seem sometimes, we do have much to be thankful for. The greatest of these would be that we still have the ability to affect positive change in the world. We can change things. We don’t have to wait on some political leader or institution to give us permission. We have the power, and we always have.

So, you powerful creature, go out and do something amazing. Don’t settle for what ‘they’ tell you is possible. You are limited only by your imagination and fear. Don’t give them that kind of power over you. Never give another person the power to make you submit or rebel. You are in control.

Life is good, it is sweet, and it is precious. Treat it as such.