Carry the Fire

“This shit has got to go.” That phrase, more than any other, stuck with me all these years. Every since I first heard it in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, spoken by now the late Jacque Fresco, it struck a cord with me. The world simply cannot go on the way that it is. We cannot keep gobbling up the natural resources of this planet with reckless abandon. We cannot keep wreaking havoc on the environment. We cannot sustain the massive inequality that we have created. The world cannot take it. It will break under our weight and immaturity. This shit truly must go.

Jacque Fresco was a man who carried in himself a vision for what humanity could be. He saw our potential and spent his very long life pursuing that vision. Two days ago, Jacque Fresco, the futurist, and the founder of The Venus Project passed into history. For one hundred and one years the world has had this fire of a human being among us. Today, we must carry that fire on. The fate of the world and of our civilization is now in our hands. I suppose it always was.

Now more than ever, we are at a crossroads. The biological systems of this world are stressed, almost to their breaking point. One way or the other, this shit will go. Either we will be flushed along with it into a nightmare future that no one wants. Or, we will harness our intelligence and the better angels of our nature, and climb out of this mess. I’m almost forty. My time here is but a little while, For the sake of all those who come after me, I really hope we collectively chose the high road.

Carry the fire. Don’t let it go out.

The Transition

Hi friends! It’s been a little while, but I am trying to get back in the content creation saddle. Hope all is well with everyone. I’ve been into a lot of stuff, which I will hopefully get into in later posts, but today I want to share a special group that I’ve run across. It’s called ‘The Transition,’ and it’s mission is to promote the transition to a global egalitarian system.

If you’re like me then you can envision a better future for the earth and all it’s inhabitants than the path we are currently on. We can envision a world where poverty and war are long forgotten, and humanity has taken it’s proper place as caretakers of this world instead of it’s destroyers. We are at a crossroads of sorts. We will either transition to a new way of life or face a nightmare future that I don’t believe anyone really wants. So, if you will, I invite you to check out The Transition’s new web site…

 You should join The Transition if:

You believe housing is a human right.
You believe that everyone needs a basic education on how to survive sustainably.
You believe that planned obsolescence is a practice that wastes our finite resources.
You are interested in experimental models of living and working together like Co-Housing, Eco-Villages, Co-ops, Communes, & Intentional Communities.
You know poverty is a man-made social construct.
You study ideas & concepts regarding sustainability, permaculture, ecology, & aquaponics.
You believe that alternative technologies are withheld due to corporate greed.
You believe cooperation is far more powerful than competition.
You don’t just talk about problems, you are a person who comes up with solutions to them and DOES something about it by using methods of Direct Action!

Lastly, you should join us if you are looking for other people to work and grow with in a long-term and committed effort to change the world we live in-for the better. Sign up here: