Carry the Fire

“This shit has got to go.” That phrase, more than any other, stuck with me all these years. Every since I first heard it in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, spoken by now the late Jacque Fresco, it struck a cord with me. The world simply cannot go on the way that it is. We cannot keep gobbling up the natural resources of this planet with reckless abandon. We cannot keep wreaking havoc on the environment. We cannot sustain the massive inequality that we have created. The world cannot take it. It will break under our weight and immaturity. This shit truly must go.

Jacque Fresco was a man who carried in himself a vision for what humanity could be. He saw our potential and spent his very long life pursuing that vision. Two days ago, Jacque Fresco, the futurist, and the founder of The Venus Project passed into history. For one hundred and one years the world has had this fire of a human being among us. Today, we must carry that fire on. The fate of the world and of our civilization is now in our hands. I suppose it always was.

Now more than ever, we are at a crossroads. The biological systems of this world are stressed, almost to their breaking point. One way or the other, this shit will go. Either we will be flushed along with it into a nightmare future that no one wants. Or, we will harness our intelligence and the better angels of our nature, and climb out of this mess. I’m almost forty. My time here is but a little while, For the sake of all those who come after me, I really hope we collectively chose the high road.

Carry the fire. Don’t let it go out.

In the End

It’s Sunday night, and another weekend has come and gone. This weekend was mildly productive. I was able to get caught up on my sleeping. I’m feeling much better already. I was able to check off a few items from my to-do-list that I had been putting off, namely filing our taxes, getting the car’s oil changed, and balancing our home budget. On top of all that I finally got around to watching last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Man, Negan is one brutal S.O.B.

Friday, my mother, sister, and I went to visit a dying relative. She was someone that I haven’t seen since before Denice and I were married. It’s scary how much a decade of time can ravage someone when they are already old. This lady was someone who was in my life in my early childhood and was always kind to me. She has always been a force of stability for those around her, even to this day. It’s going to be a sad day, for many people, when she passes. From her appearance, I would have to say that she doesn’t have much time left.

I haven’t been around many people who are right on death’s door. It’s an unsettling experience. My relative, who I will call Aunt B, is eighty-five years old and  has a mild case of dementia. She was very frail looking, almost skeletal, and could only stay awake for a few seconds at a time. Those were the least of her problems. She had recently developed a blood clot that had cut off circulation to one of her legs. The doctors had opted to send her home to die in peace, instead of attempt amputation, since she would probably not survive the surgery. Her foot was uncovered when I arrived. It was dark purple, basically dead. It looked so bad that I immediately had an emotional reaction, and almost teared up. It just hit me all of the sudden that she was indeed at the very end of her life. I had a flood of memories from my childhood overtake me, and had a terrible time keeping my composure.

It’s an event like this that will put everything in perspective. Life is short, too short. In the end, most of the shit that we are so preoccupied with during our lives just doesn’t matter. The only thing that will matter is do you have people around you who love you and that you love, people who’s lives you made an impact on? Aunt B made an impact in my life, and she will be missed. I can only hope, no, can only aspire to be the kind of person who will be greatly missed when I am gone. In the end, we all die, but I want to truly live in the meantime.

Stoic ramblings

Hi gals, guys, and entities of all vibrations. It’s Tuesday. I totally missed blogging yesterday. What can I say, it was a rough day. I’ve been hitting these phases in the evenings where I completely crash, and I mean completely. Last night after dinner I passed out on the couch and woke up with just enough time to do my breathing exercises, get a shower, and get in bed only an hour late.

Work has been busy, which is kind of the new norm. I am trying to employ my stoic training in this (and all things), because I know that my menial struggles are laughable in comparison with the true horrors that life can crush someone with. In all things I strive to be grateful for the experiences, and attempt to learn from them.

Speaking of the horrors of life, there are now fourteen confirmed dead in the Gatlinburg wild-fire. I’m sure some of those people had no idea that the fire was coming until it was too late. The winds drove the fire much faster and farther than the authorities anticipated. One minute you are living your life, secure in the supposed knowledge that you are safe, and the next moment you are experiencing a horrific death in the flames.

It may seem at times that you are further from death than other people. We look upon the old or the sick and feel sorry for them, but we are all just a breath away from facing the Grim Reaper. We are just one road-raging asshole or one tire blowout on any given day away from our end.

Life is short and hard, and the potential for suffering is so great. In that knowledge we should all desire to make life better for each other. Enjoy every minute of it, and never be afraid of its end. That will happen whether we fear it or not, so don’t.