SJW’s Satan and Mother’s Day

Hello, my friends. Once again, it is Saturday. I find myself sitting on the couch in my quiet house. The only sounds are the rhythmic snores of three dogs, and the faint hum of an electric fan in an adjacent room. It’s overcast outside, so it is comfortably dark in the living room. It felt like an ideal time to do a little writing, so here I am.

I just finished listening to some lectures by Dr. Jordan Peterson, of Toronto University. Dr. Peterson has gotten a lot of attention as of late from the Social Justice Warrior crowd, who regard him as the Devil incarnate. I’m new to this drama, but I believe the main reason is his refusal to use alternative gender pronouns when asked (demanded) to by those who would like him to do so. Apparently, this has become such a thing in Canada that the Canadian government is trying to enact legislation to force its citizenry to use such words. I don’t know enough about the issue yet to speak with any kind of intelligence on the matter, so I won’t. I just wanted to say that I discovered Dr. Peterson as a result of his demonization by the SJW’s, and I’m glad I did. He has several hundred hours of video on Youtube, on a variety of interesting subjects. His talks revolve around phycology and philosophy. He has some really interesting takes on things. Check out his Youtube channel when you get a chance.

This is Mother’s Day weekend. I don’t spend as much time with my mother as I know I should. I only live about twenty minutes away, so I have no real excuse. I want to have a closer and better relationship with her, but like most things in my life, I tend to procrastinate. This is chief among my flaws. The big problem with this is that neither of us is going to live forever. Every moment that passes in this life is forever lost and can never be reclaimed. With that in mind, I am going to propose to my mom that we plan a regular time, every week, to get together. I don’t want to waste any more time.

Another thing that Denice and I have procrastinated on in having children. Natural children have been denied us by the universe. But, there’s more that one way to have children in this world. We have talked about adoption, but have always had something stand in the way of us actually doing it. It reminds me of the old saying: “If you really want something then you will find a way, if you don’t, then you will find an excuse.” Well, I think this is something that we both really want. I think this Mother’s Day is the time to begin the journey to make Denice a mom. It is time to find a way, no matter what the obstacles.

Till next time.

A sleepy Sunday morning

It’s Sunday morning. Denice is still sleeping. The dogs are laying on the couch next to me. The sound of the washing machine drones away in the background. It’s quiet. I’m taking the time to relax. I’ve got the Joe Rogan Experience qued up. In this episode, he’s interviewing Abby Martin, formerly from Russia Today. This is pretty much how I unwind.

Last night we watched Hacksaw Ridge. It was pretty good. I didn’t know until the end that it was based on a true story, of a real person. If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil it for you but be ready, there is a shit ton of carnage. It is a war movie after all. War is not pretty.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my coworkers last week. We were talking about the series on Netflix called, ‘Penny Dreadful.’ It is a horror drama set in late 19th century London. Anyway, the show is loaded with Violence and gore (obviously), and a modest amount of sex. What was amazing to me is that my coworker didn’t seem to have a problem with her daughter watching the extreme violence of Penny Dreadful, which includes but is not limited to: people being shot, stabbed, impaled, and dismembered. There were also some scenes that showed the bodies of murdered children and babies. All of that was just fine. Where she drew that line was when it got into all “the bad sexual stuff.” Really? You don’t see an issue with exposing your young daughter to nightmare-fule violence, but you do have a problem with a couple of brief scenes of a consensual and non-violent sexual encounter between two adults? I just have to shake my head and marvel at the mind job that conservative Christian culture has done on us.

Ok, back to this sleepy Sunday morning. It’s almost noon. In a few minutes, I’m going to wake Denice up, and we are going to have a great day. It is a beautiful day outside. I think I need to treat my skin to a little bit of warm sunshine. I recommend you all do the same.

Signing off, with much love.


A workweek from the Devil’s sulfuric armpit

Hi, fiends. It’s been a few days since my last post. I have had a very rough week. Sit back and relax, let me tell you about it.

Around Tuesday I started getting sick. At first, it didn’t seem like much, just a run-of-the-mill Cold. The symptoms were all respiratory; coughing, sneezing, wheezing, nasal congestion, sinus pressure, etc. It all got progressively worse as the week went on. Thursday night and Friday morning were especially rough with continual episodes of coughing. The worst part of this whole experience was having to go to work through it all.

Under normal circumstances, I would have called in and taken a couple of days of sick time to recover. Unfortunately, we were not operating under normal circumstances. Due to several factors that would take too long to explain, my workload has more than doubled the last couple of weeks. It is a temporary surge that just happened to hit at the worst possible time. Complicating matters, my only coworker who is trained to fill in for me when I’m gone was on scheduled vacation, and also sick, by the way. Another coworker had a similar (if not the very same thing) sickness and had to call out for two days. So, we are buried in work to the point where I had no choice but to be there.

I sucked it up and worked the entire sixty hour week, sick. There were a couple of time that I thought I was going to have to fold, but I toughed it out. I’m sure that doing this has only prolonged my recovery time.

So, the work week from the fiery pit of hell is now behind me. It should be easy sailing now, right? Um, no. Next week I am indeed on vacation, which is awesome. And, we are also traveling to Colorado to visit Denice’s family and have fun in general, which is also awesome. The problem is that I am still sick, and Denice is apparently coming down with the same nasty stuff. I am feeling somewhat improved this morning, but she is just getting started. This has the potential to throw a monkey wrench into our plans. So, we are leaving on Tuesday. I hope we will be able to pull ourselves together in time to have a really fun trip. We’ll see.

I know this post sounds like a big fat wad of complaining, and it somewhat is. However, I did get some good Stoic training in through the experiences. There was a multitude of time where I found myself mentally focusing on all the problems and worrying about what may happen as a result. I was able to correct my thinking and accept my circumstances and my related decisions, temporarily anyway. I feel like I have gotten a little stronger.

More to come.

Post-weekend stuff and things

Today was a great day, which is good because I massively overdid it this past weekend. It was one of those weekends where I felt physically sick after it was over. I was experiencing a post-weekend hangover this morning. I had way too much sugar. That stuff is poison, I know, but it’s delicious poison.

Work was busy today, but that’s nothing new. I had to work over,  which is fine. I need to keep the cash flowing. We are finally making some progress on our debt snowball. It is going to be a jubilant day when we pay off all of our debt, and I swear to all that is holy, we will never go back.

I’ve started watching a new show on NetFlix. It’s call, The OA. It’s a strange one, but I like it. It’s one of those shows where you cannot tell if the main character is really experiencing the fantastic events that she says she is, or if she’s just crazy. It reminds me of K-Pax. Is he really an alien… or just schizophrenic? The acting is good, and it’s highly rated. Check it out.

I just found out that a close relative of mine, a young man, has been diagnosed with a rare and serious medical condition. It’s terrible news. I’ve never heard of this condition, but it may be genetic. I hope he will be ok. Going to do some research on it tonight.

That’s all for now. Going to hit the sack.

Down with OCD? Yeah, you know me.

I have taken notice that I have an affinity for behaviors that one would classify as obsessive/compulsive or even borderline autistic. I hope I’m using the word autism correctly. I don’t mean it in a negative sense. The behaviors that I am referring to have to do with needing the do things in a systematic and even way. Some examples:

In my job, I move and stage pallets of product here and there. When staging them I always space them a precise distance from each other. If one is out of alignment, I will often go out of my way to reach it and correct it.

When I eat a sandwich, I always eat it exactly the same way. I eat the left corner down until it creates a forty-five-degree angle, from point to point. Then I repeat the process, but this time with the other corner, until I am left with a narrow sandwich stump. I finish that off by eating it left to right.

When I fill up the washing machine, I do so by putting the garments in first on the left side, then the right, then the top, and finally the bottom. I repeat this process until it is full.

This is all a small sampling of quirky behaviors that I exhibit. I could go on. I’m not sure if these behaviors are a virtue (a sign of a well-ordered mind), or if they are a liability (needlessly wasting time trying to make things ‘perfect’). Or, perhaps, they are just quirky behaviors that amount to little and are not an indication of anything.

Sometimes I think that behaving systematically is just us allowing our base programming to show through. It’s the idea that we are just very complex machines, reacting to a complex and changing environment by running a set of mental algorithms, and preprogrammed responses to stimuli. It’s the old ‘free will’ argument. Do we ‘chose’ things because we desire them, or do we chose things because our machine minds are just reacting to stimuli, albeit very complex reactions to very complex stimuli. Who knows.

Sorry to get all existential on you tonight. Actually, why should I be sorry? This is the only thing I could have done, given my programming. Ha, ha.

In the End

It’s Sunday night, and another weekend has come and gone. This weekend was mildly productive. I was able to get caught up on my sleeping. I’m feeling much better already. I was able to check off a few items from my to-do-list that I had been putting off, namely filing our taxes, getting the car’s oil changed, and balancing our home budget. On top of all that I finally got around to watching last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Man, Negan is one brutal S.O.B.

Friday, my mother, sister, and I went to visit a dying relative. She was someone that I haven’t seen since before Denice and I were married. It’s scary how much a decade of time can ravage someone when they are already old. This lady was someone who was in my life in my early childhood and was always kind to me. She has always been a force of stability for those around her, even to this day. It’s going to be a sad day, for many people, when she passes. From her appearance, I would have to say that she doesn’t have much time left.

I haven’t been around many people who are right on death’s door. It’s an unsettling experience. My relative, who I will call Aunt B, is eighty-five years old and  has a mild case of dementia. She was very frail looking, almost skeletal, and could only stay awake for a few seconds at a time. Those were the least of her problems. She had recently developed a blood clot that had cut off circulation to one of her legs. The doctors had opted to send her home to die in peace, instead of attempt amputation, since she would probably not survive the surgery. Her foot was uncovered when I arrived. It was dark purple, basically dead. It looked so bad that I immediately had an emotional reaction, and almost teared up. It just hit me all of the sudden that she was indeed at the very end of her life. I had a flood of memories from my childhood overtake me, and had a terrible time keeping my composure.

It’s an event like this that will put everything in perspective. Life is short, too short. In the end, most of the shit that we are so preoccupied with during our lives just doesn’t matter. The only thing that will matter is do you have people around you who love you and that you love, people who’s lives you made an impact on? Aunt B made an impact in my life, and she will be missed. I can only hope, no, can only aspire to be the kind of person who will be greatly missed when I am gone. In the end, we all die, but I want to truly live in the meantime.

Why Hello there

Sylar and I ran into this little guy while taking a walk today. He allowed us to get very close while staying just out of reach. Squirrels are smart critters. They drive Sylar nuts. I’m not sure what he would do if he caught one. I suppose he would have to learn the hard way that the real ones, unlike his stuffed toys, bite back.

Denice and I are sitting down to listen to our illustrious President’s address to Congress. Should be entertaining. I’ll catch up with you chaps tomorrow.

Til then.

My Gut is a Warzone

Last night was not pleasant for me. I don’t know if it was some kind of virus, or possibly the assortment of junk food that I ate over the weekend. I spent most of the night writhing in stomach pain. It felt like someone had inserted a bicycle pump into my rear and pumped it until my midsection was twice its normal size. And this morning wasn’t any better. I had it coming out of both ends. It was bad enough to cause me to have to go to work late. Around 8:00 I started getting cold chills. I took a scalding hot shower, and that helped. Once I got warm I began to feel better. I eventually made it into work a little after 10.

It has been so long since I have been sick I almost forgot how awful it is. Stomach issues are especially terrible. Nausia, as funny as it can be when it’s someone else who’s blowing chunks, is no laughing matter when it hits home. Luckily, our bathroom is small, and the toilet and the sink are close enough to use both at the same time if the need arises.

I am feeling much better tonight, just really tired. I was planning on watching the last episode of The Walking Dead, but I think I’m going to turn in early instead. I really need to recuperate from today.

Good night, Interweb friends.

Saturday! Oh, yeah.

Hi, friends. It’s Saturday, and I’m off to a good start. I took a walk with the hounds around the neighborhood earlier. I think I got that done just in time because it is raining now. We’re still in winter here, but the temperature is supposed to get up to 70F today. Once the rain moves out we should have nice but premature Spring day today.

I just finished updating our family budget. Denice had started it yesterday but was unable to completed because she got locked out of our bank website. It turns out that I had inputted challenge questions, but neglected to provide her with the answers. I have traditionally handled the budgeting, but we have decided to transition this task to her since she is home all day now. So, the first thing I did this morning was to create a list of access information for her, for all of our accounts. She now has the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. I think this will be really good for her. She’s very proficient at this kind of stuff. It is a win/win.

Today we have our bowling get together with my work tribe. That should be fun. That’s not till 6:00, so we have some time to get the housework caught up and then to have some relaxing down time. Tomorrow we have the Lady Vols basketball game. They have lost their las two games, so hopefully tomorrow they can pull one out. We’ll see. Personally, I don’t get emotionally involved with who wins or loses. I like watching them play and really could care less who wins. This irritates the hell out of Denice. I think that is kind of amusing too.

Ok, my fellow milk-suckling mammals… hope you all have a fun Saturday.

Random ramblings

Hello, fellow monkeys. Sorry I missed you all last night. I tried to put together a post, but just could not make it happen. Around seven o’clock my energy bottomed out, and it did not come back. I didn’t have that hard of a day, so I’m not sure why my batteries went dead.

I had started a post on Valentine’s day. That ship has sailed, but in a nutshell, we had a really good night. We went out to Olive Garden, and then came home to chill with a DVD. We watched The Accountant. It was a great movie. Basically, Ben Affleck plays Jason Bourne with autism. Watch it. It’s good.

I am feeling much better tonight. Denice is at choir rehearsal, and I am hanging out at home with the dogs… and you.

cropped-header-960x2501I recently changed the favicon for the blog to this cropped version of the uber creepy shot of my eyes that’s on the header. I just looked up and saw it in the corner. I almost creeped myself out. It looks like a miniature psychopath peaking in at me through a small hole in my screen. Yeah, I think I need to change that. It almost reminds me of Ceiling Cat. Have you all seen Ceiling Cat? Ceiling Cat sees you.



We have a busy weekend planned. Saturday we are doing bowing with my coworkers, and Sunday we have the Lady Vols basketball game. It’s been a long time since I’ve been bowling. I’ve never been very good at it. It is a fun game, though. Denice is going, but she will not be bowling. Swinging a heavy object around when you have her kind of back issues would not be a smart move. However, it’s a good chance for her and my work tribe to get to know each other a little better. I spend so much time at work, they really are like a kind of family to me.

That’s about it for tonight, friends. More to come tomorrow.