Welcome to Erick’s Odyssey, a blog about my life and interests. Let me tell you a little about myself:

I was born in 1977, in the Volunteer state of Tennessee. I live with my soul mate, Denice, and our two dogs. I am a student of ancient philosophy, modern science, and anything else that life wants to teach me. I am a proponent of unconditional love, the equality of all people, non-violence, and continual self-improvement.

I write primarily about minimalism, egalitarianism, sustainable culture, post-scarcity, science and the use of science for social concern, and all areas of self-improvement. I love the natural world and technology, and I believe the two can successfully coexist.

I am a barefoot runner and general barefoot enthusiast, as well as a naturist (that’s means I don’t always wear clothes). I am not particularly religious, even though I don’t call myself an “atheist.” I try to keep an open mind. Like Terrance Mckenna used to say, “I don’t believe anything, but I entertain all ideas.” And, I am a firm adherent to egalitarian principles. I try to be respectful of the sensibilities of my readers, but if any of these topics offend you then this blog may not be the best place for you to patronize.


Occasionally I will write about things that I do to improve my health and physical performance. Please understand that I am just a regular guy with no special training in anything. I am a self-experimenter. Everything I may do and write about here is for my own benefit, and I assume responsibility only for my own outcomes. You must do your own homework. With that said, I am not responsible for any negative outcomes that may result from someone attempting anything that I write about on this blog.