Down with OCD? Yeah, you know me.

I have taken notice that I have an affinity for behaviors that one would classify as obsessive/compulsive or even borderline autistic. I hope I’m using the word autism correctly. I don’t mean it in a negative sense. The behaviors that I am referring to have to do with needing the do things in a systematic and even way. Some examples:

In my job, I move and stage pallets of product here and there. When staging them I always space them a precise distance from each other. If one is out of alignment, I will often go out of my way to reach it and correct it.

When I eat a sandwich, I always eat it exactly the same way. I eat the left corner down until it creates a forty-five-degree angle, from point to point. Then I repeat the process, but this time with the other corner, until I am left with a narrow sandwich stump. I finish that off by eating it left to right.

When I fill up the washing machine, I do so by putting the garments in first on the left side, then the right, then the top, and finally the bottom. I repeat this process until it is full.

This is all a small sampling of quirky behaviors that I exhibit. I could go on. I’m not sure if these behaviors are a virtue (a sign of a well-ordered mind), or if they are a liability (needlessly wasting time trying to make things ‘perfect’). Or, perhaps, they are just quirky behaviors that amount to little and are not an indication of anything.

Sometimes I think that behaving systematically is just us allowing our base programming to show through. It’s the idea that we are just very complex machines, reacting to a complex and changing environment by running a set of mental algorithms, and preprogrammed responses to stimuli. It’s the old ‘free will’ argument. Do we ‘chose’ things because we desire them, or do we chose things because our machine minds are just reacting to stimuli, albeit very complex reactions to very complex stimuli. Who knows.

Sorry to get all existential on you tonight. Actually, why should I be sorry? This is the only thing I could have done, given my programming. Ha, ha.

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