The Heapsters… WTF?

Good morning, my Interweb Tribe. We made it to Saturday. Is it not glorious? That was a rhetorical question. Of course, it is! It is the weekend, and we are alive. This is a reason to celebrate.

Last night Denice went out with her Girl Tribe. They are my tribe too, but she needed some girl time with other girls. I took the opportunity to get caught up on The Walking Dead.


I am now current with the show. I have to say, what the hell is with this new group, “The Heapsters?” What is it about living in a post-apocalyptic trash heap that requires all the inhabitants to speak with the language ability of a three-year-old? I mean, really? At this point, the zombie apocalypse is only a few years old. Why would they talk like they were born on a sand dune, in the guts of an airplane, like the wild children from Mad Max? I don’t think the writers of TWD thought this out too well. Anyway, it was a decent episode overall.

It was good to see Daryl and Carrol reunited. I’m disappointed that he didn’t tell her about what the Saviours did to the group. I’m sure she will find out eventually. There’s going to be a war at some point, and I’m sure Carrol’s going to be in the thick of it.

In the previews for the next episode, they showed Eugene at the Saviour’s compound. This should be an interesting one. I like how in the last episode before the intermission, Negan realized how valuable Eugene was, and took him. Honestly, someone like Eugene would be a rare and extremely valuable commodity in a post-apocalyptic setting. He has a versatile intelligence that would be useful for solving a host of problems. Even if his only skill was knowing how to make bullets, this would be invaluable. After a while, they are going to run out of them, and without the engineering know-how to make them, the groups would eventually be forced to revert to simpler weapons like the bow and arrow. I suspect Eugene, in spite of his physical and psychological weaknesses, will become one of the most important characters on the show.

I have several projects going on today. I’m probably going to launch into some budgeting to get things started, and later we are going to give the dogs a bath. That’s always fun (not). Ok, friends, hope you all have a great day. Till next time.

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