Saturday! Oh, yeah.

Hi, friends. It’s Saturday, and I’m off to a good start. I took a walk with the hounds around the neighborhood earlier. I think I got that done just in time because it is raining now. We’re still in winter here, but the temperature is supposed to get up to 70F today. Once the rain moves out we should have nice but premature Spring day today.

I just finished updating our family budget. Denice had started it yesterday but was unable to completed because she got locked out of our bank website. It turns out that I had inputted challenge questions, but neglected to provide her with the answers. I have traditionally¬†handled the budgeting, but we have decided to transition this task to her since she is home all day now. So, the first thing I did this morning was to create a list of access information for her, for all of our accounts. She now has the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. I think this will be really good for her. She’s very proficient at this kind of stuff. It is a win/win.

Today we have our bowling get together with my work tribe. That should be fun. That’s not till 6:00, so we have some time to get the housework caught up and then to have some relaxing down time. Tomorrow we have the Lady Vols basketball game. They have lost their las two games, so hopefully tomorrow they can pull one out. We’ll see. Personally, I don’t get emotionally involved with who wins or loses. I like watching them play and really could care less who wins. This irritates the hell out of Denice. I think that is kind of amusing too.

Ok, my fellow milk-suckling mammals… hope you all have a fun Saturday.

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