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Hello, fellow monkeys. Sorry I missed you all last night. I tried to put together a post, but just could not make it happen. Around seven o’clock my energy bottomed out, and it did not come back. I didn’t have that hard of a day, so I’m not sure why my batteries went dead.

I had started a post on Valentine’s day. That ship has sailed, but in a nutshell, we had a really good night. We went out to Olive Garden, and then came home to chill with a DVD. We watched The Accountant. It was a great movie. Basically, Ben Affleck plays Jason Bourne with autism. Watch it. It’s good.

I am feeling much better tonight. Denice is at choir rehearsal, and I am hanging out at home with the dogs… and you.

cropped-header-960x2501I recently changed the favicon for the blog to this cropped version of the uber creepy shot of my eyes that’s on the header. I just looked up and saw it in the corner. I almost creeped myself out. It looks like a miniature psychopath peaking in at me through a small hole in my screen. Yeah, I think I need to change that. It almost reminds me of Ceiling Cat. Have you all seen Ceiling Cat? Ceiling Cat sees you.



We have a busy weekend planned. Saturday we are doing bowing with my coworkers, and Sunday we have the Lady Vols basketball game. It’s been a long time since I’ve been bowling. I’ve never been very good at it. It is a fun game, though. Denice is going, but she will not be bowling. Swinging a heavy object around when you have her kind of back issues would not be a smart move. However, it’s a good chance for her and my work tribe to get to know each other a little better. I spend so much time at work, they really are like a kind of family to me.

That’s about it for tonight, friends. More to come tomorrow.

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