Reporter videobombed by Pot Sasquatch?

Last week a Massachusets reporter doing live filming during a snowstorm was videobombed by a creature that has been dubbed, the Pot Sasquatch. The creature appears to be composed entirely of marijuana.

Youtube: Pot Sasquatch in the News

pot-sasquatchSo, who is this… Pot Sasquatch? Where did he, or maybe she come from? What was their motivation for putting on a reefer ghillie suit and frolicking in the snow? And the obvious question, do they smoke and an extraordinary amount of weed? I’ve searched for this Pot Sasquatch suit and can’t find anything resembling it. That leads me to believe that it is a custom job. Anyway, whoever this person is I would love to talk to them. At the very least they should do an AMA on Reddit. The World wants to know, dammit!

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