The Struggle is Real

I was supposed to be working on a followup to my previous post about the show, Brother Husbands. What can I say, my mind has moved on. Sorry guys. It was a good show, and I plan to watch more of it. I think I like it because it is so different. Usually (almost always) when you have a show about nonmonogamy *COUGH* Sister Wives *COUGH, COUGH* it is about one guy with multiple girls. Sheesh, people, I’ve read the Bible, and this arrangement has been done to death. It’s old. Having a female as the main player and the breadwinner is new and fresh, and idea who’s time has come. It’s just more interesting.

Anyway, I started this post last night but fell asleep on the couch. I actually picked up one of these beautiful green cylinders of Kryptonite on my way home last night. Yes, Dolly Parton sweat, AKA, Mountian Dew. It’s a Tennessee tradition. Many a’ Tennessean has rotted their teeth out nursing these bad boys. Some people around these parts even fill their baby’s bottles up with the stuff. It is delicious and has one hell of a caffeine kick. Don’t worry, though. I have no plans on making Mountain Dew consumption a habit. I just haven’t had one in a while so I thought why the hell not? On the contrary, I am actually thinking about getting away from drinking soft drinks altogether, even on my cheat days. I’m tossing around the idea of replacing them with milk. It would be organic, and chocolate of course. I can imagine Denice looking at me with head tilted, saying, “…and that’s supposed to be better?”

Oh, our friend came through with the Lady Vol tickets, by the way. We have tickets for two games. Tomorrow we are going to see the Vols play Texas A&M. I can’t remember who’s playing in the other game. I’m sure we’ll have a good time. We always do.

That’s all for now, friends. More to come later.

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