Back to work, and beagle troubles

My first day back at work was pretty uneventful. Getting up at the unholy hour of five was not much fun. The early bird gets the worm I guess. Denice took the car today, so we got to spend a little time together this morning. That’s always fun. On the days that she takes the car she drives and I ride shotgun. The drive is about thirty minutes long. I usually read the news headlines as we drive.

Lilly had her surgery today. She was only supposed to have dental surgery and spaying, but the vet discovered that her spleen was enlarged. It turned out that she had a tumor in her spleen, so they removed the whole thing. Apparently, dogs don’t need a spleen to live. The vet said that she will do just fine without it, so all is good.

One of Denice’s friends from church scored us some Lady Vols tickets. This Sunday we will be watching our girls do battle with Texas A&M. Should be fun.

I’m still absorbing every bit of information and media I can find online related to sociocracy. It is such an elegant system. I would really love to visit a community or organization that actively uses dynamic governance, to see it in action. The only one I have found so far is Earthaven Community in North Carolina. It’s a relatively short drive. I may plan a visit there sometime in the near future.

That should do it for tonight. Sweet dreams, Interwebs.

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