Not Today!

There are a lot of different kinds of people in the world. Our differences are many. Some of us are large, some small. Some have pale skin, some a darker shade. We have many different hair colors and textures. Our eyes have many diffrent pigments. Some of us are hairy, others not so much. We differ in our thinking and culture also. The ideas and beliefs that we hold are many, and do not always mesh so well with the ideas and beliefs of others. It’s true, we are a diverse species.

However, the traits that we hold in common are primal and undeniable. We are all children of the earth, with the same needs. We all need clean air, water, and food. We all need shelter and warmth. We all need safety and belonging. We all need to be needed and to have our contributions valued. We all need each other.

There are things about the Islamic religion that I do not agree with. The whole idea of believing anything on faith and without evidence is backwards to me. I reject this concept entirely. With that said, I still consider every Muslim person my sister or brother. Their blood flows in my veins, it flows in yours. We are all one human family, sharing one beautiful and fragile planet. When I heard the news that our President had issued an executive order to ban an entire branch of my human family from free travel into this country I  was filled with disappointment and shame.

I am well aware that there are dangerous people out there who are motivated by religious ideology. I have no problem acknowledging this fact and fully agree that there should be measures in place to protect the general population from these individuals. However, a total blanket ban of hundreds of millions of people, just because of their ethnicity, is exceptionally foolish. The abhorrent behaviour of a microscopic fraction of the total population of Muslims is not just cause to isolate and entire race of people. It’s tantamount to poisoning the ocean to kill one shark.

This decision will not only effect individuals and families, it may also work to stifle the progress of science and human advancement itself…


Yes, my friends, the scientific community is spread across the globe, even in Muslim countries. Maybe the cure for cancer is locked inside the mind of someone who resides in one of the banned contries? Suppose there are people in these contries that have pieces of the puzzle to understanding the mysteries of the universe, and all they need is to mix their knowledge with the knowledge of others on the outside? Isolationism hurts us all in the long run.

I feel that with the recent election and the resulting political shifts, America is in a slide backwards. We are losing ground instead of progressing towards a safer and more connected world. All this talk of building walls and banning people should not be tolerated. At this time more than ever we should be coming together and putting our differences aside. We have a real shot at becoming something beautiful and amazing, but like a butterfly that’s trapped inside it’s chrysalis, we must break free. We must not turn back because there is nothing to go back to.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. We must not allow the powers that be to divide us against one another. It’s time to stand up and let it be known that we are one, and we will not take this laying down. If you want them, you have to go through us.

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