Flying Solo

I’m flying solo tonight. Denice is at a Christian get-together with Linz, and I am hanging out at home with the hounds. I’m glad she took the opportunity to get out of the house tonight. It’s not healthy to stay at home all the time. At least with me, I have work. Sure, it’s work, but it’s still human interaction. We are social animals, and being around other humans is as much a need as food or shelter.

I’m doing really well this week with the protocol. I can feel the difference when I do the Wim Hof Method as opposed to when I don’t. It’s very tangible. I’m pretty sure it’s the driving force behind my success with the other interventions. I still need to get in some excercise. I had planned on doing kettlebell swings, but never actually did any. I’ve felt really good the past couple of days. It occurred to me last night that I am well under 240 now, so I could start running again if I felt the inclination. I had planned on waiting till I got lighter than 240 to start doing impact excersise again. This was to avoid any damage to my joints. Well, I made it. I really need to start working out more now.

Vacation begins in three days. It is also Denice’s birthday on Monday. I have cool things in store for her. I would like to share them, but she follows this blog (Hi Baby). Patients is a virtue. It will be worth the wait, I promise.

Till tomorrow, friends.

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