Work the System or this means Nothing

In 1979 over 100,000 women took to the streets in Iran, protesting being forced to wear a headscarf. Yes, my friends, Iran was once an up and coming secular civilization. They made the mistake of thinking that making noise in the streets is the same thing as working the political system. It isn’t. We all know what happened. Iran was taken over by religious nut jobs who for all their non-sense and mumbo jumbo knew how to work the political system.

Photo via: @jimfryVOA

Yesterday our nation’s capitol and locations all over the country and the world were marched over by the furious feet of pissed off women and men. Yes, it was awesome to behold so many people taking to the streets to voice their displeasure with what the political system had produced in our new President and Congress. I thought many of their signs were clever and thought-provoking. However, I’m afraid it all pretty much amounts to jack squat. The powers that be are not threatened by this sort of thing because they know that most of these people have no clue how or no inclination to work the political machine. Denice and I tried to do it for Bernie Sanders. It’s complicated (intentionally), inefficient (also intentionaly), and exhausting.

Unfortunately The Women’s March on Washington, like the Occupy movement and many similar movements before it will be little more than noise if it’s energy cannot be converted into coordinated political action. I really hope a decent portion of these well-meaning people figure this out, because then and only then will something like this have the power to actually change something.

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