President Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence

This news has absolutely made my day. President Obama has decided to commute the bulk of Chelsea Manning’s sentence. The whistleblower will be released from prison in May of this year! She will have served over seven years of her thirty-five year sentence, the longest sentence ever dished out for her type of “crime.”

I’m not going to make this post about bashing the powers that be, even though I do think that Chelsea should have never been locked up in the first place. I’m just happy that President Obama did the right thing. Given Chelsea’s mental state after being subjected to long stretches of solitary confinement (a practice that is now condemned internationally as a form of torture), I have no doubt that Obama’s decision has saved her life. This is something that he can be proud of. One of his final acts as President of the United States was to grant mercy to a young woman who would have most likely died without it.

So, in a few short months the whistleblower will be set free. I wish her well, and hope she finds happiness in her new life outside of the cage.

Good night, my friends.


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