Another Bernie Rant

This is one of those nights that I I don’t really feel like writing. I had a pretty good day, but I am exceptionally tired now that I’m home. My body is used to eating around now, so it’s waging a protest. It will fail. Going a day without eating is a small thing. I am going to exercise my will and be just fine.

Tomorrow is Friday and there is just one more day until the weekend. Oh what debauchery awaits. I’m going to have to do a junk run tomorrow after work.

Denice and I are sitting here watching the news. The nightmare administration of Donald Trump is preparing to get kicked off. I am watching the MSNBC talking heads lament the various horrors that await. They are talking about how close Hillary Clinton was to winning. “If only her economic message has been more clear. Yada, yada, yada…” Well, you know what? We could be getting ready to inaugurate Bernie Sanders as President of the United States right now. We could be on the verge of a modern age progressive enlightenment, not staring down into the abyss. Donald Trump would not have stood a snowball’s chance in Hell against Bernie. Every poll demonstrated this fact. But no, the DNC could not allow that could they? Well, you crooked creatures,  you made your bed, and now we all have to lay in it.

Sorry for the rant. Good night friends.

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