Disturbing TV

Good evening, Interwebs. It is Thursday. I don’t really have anything on my mind to talk about. I got off work a lot earlier today. That was nice. Denice and I just finished diner, and now we are relaxing on the couch with the dogs.

We are getting ready to watch My 600 Pound Life. That show is beyond disturbing. It’s enough to scare a chubby guy like me skinny. The way that a human body can grow into a mass that scarcely seems human anymore is horrifying. I think the worst thing for me is seeing the wasting of the skin. The preview of the episode we are getting ready to watch showed a woman who’s skin was literally falling off from being stretched beyond its breaking point and nonexistent hygiene. It’s like a car crash. I just can’t not watch it, and afterwards I can never unsee it.


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