20170103_171109This little device is called the Grip6. Denice got it for me for Christmas. In case it’s function is not obvious, It’s for holding up your pants. Yes, it’s a belt buckle, but not any ordinary belt buckle. The Grip6 is the epitome of minimalist design. It’s made of a solid piece of aluminum which is very light but strong. The belt is made of military grade nylon webbing.

The most unique thing about the Grip6 is the way it is designed to eliminate excess belt hanging loose. With the Grip6 the belt goes in through the front and feeds under itself, completely secure and out of sight. It’s also very flat which makes it quiet comfortable. The belts and buckles are all interchangeable, and they come in a variety of colors and designs.

20170103_171155The Grip6 company makes their product in the USA. It’s a source of pride for me to buy things that are made in my home country. It’s good to know that my stuff was produced by hard-working Americans who get paid a living wage.

Being a minimalist kind of guy I don’t have a lot of stuff, but the stuff I do have is high quality. I’ve used this belt for a few days now, and I think I can verify that it is indeed a high quality item that will probably last a lifetime.


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