A Stoic Disposition

One more day, my friends. One more day until the weekend! Work has been beastly. I had an eleven hour day today. It was tiring. Tomorrow promises to be just has rough, and that’s ok. I do not look at my situation as something that is being inflicted on me, but instead something that I have chosen. The busy days are part of this choice, so I accept them as willingly and cheerfully as the light days. Why would I add any discomfort to myself by allowing my mind to think that I have it “so bad.” Besides, I really don’t.

I started reading my new book, ‘Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot,’ by James Stockdale. The late Admiral was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for seven years. The book chronicles his use of Stoic philosophy to endure the captivity and torture. Sounds like a real pager-turner.

I have fully reengaged with the cold-shock training. Last night I did about five minutes in the cold-shower, and walked the dogs in shorts and a t-shirt. The brisk winter air felt great. I have noticed that when I do the cold-shock training I have the best sleep. That alone is worth the price of admission.

That’s all for tonight. 04:30 comes early.

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