The Bucket of Horrors

Hi Internet Pals. Today is Wednesday, the hump day, also trash day. I just took it out. They pick it up tomorrow. The worst part of taking out the trash at our place is the poop bag extraction. You see, we have dogs. Dogs are wonderful creatures, so don’t get me wrong. Picking up their stink pickles is a small price to pay for having them in our lives.

We have a system for dealing with the doggie doo. It’s very simple. It’s a five gallon bucket with a plastic bag. We have a roll of poop bags on the leash. When they do their business we pick it up in the little bag, tie it up tight, and drop it in the bucket. The bucket has a lid, which stays firmly in place until it’s time to extract the package. When that lid comes off the most abdominal stench that can be described is released. It’s so bad that I hold my breath while performing this task. It’s even worse in the summer. The contents of the bucket basically cook in the sun all day. The smell is ten fold what it is in the winter, and it’s pretty bad in the winter.

All in all this is a fairly sanitary method of containing their waste. Like Pandora’s box of troubles, as long as the lid stays on the bucket, the horrors stay inside.


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