Christmas Eve, must buy all the things!

Christmas eve is here, and sticking with tradition Denice and I will do most of our Christmas shopping today. It’s how we roll.

On a quick side note I’m down another three pounds. I’m in the 23o’s now. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. I’m probably not going to do so well over the next three days (I’m off work on Monday) given all of the holiday treats to partake of. But I’m confident I will gravitate right back to my plan afterwards.

Ok, now down to some disgusting consumerism. Last night we made a trek to BestBuy. It wasn’t as packed with people as I had anticipated. They had a lot of good deals. We found a Samsung Chromebook 3 for $150, but they were out of stock. I’ve been looking to switch to a Chromebook since most of the stuff I do is on Google apps. I have an old Sony Vaio, which is what I’m writing on now, but it’s bulky and the battery is long since dead. I can only use it while it’s plugged in. Denice has an old Chromebook 1, which is showing some deterioration. If we can find a similar deal online we may replace our current two laptops. We’ll see.

After scouring the store the only thing that we ended up buying was some Bose SoundSport wireless earphones for Denice. I tried them out when we got home and the sound is amazing. Her Powerbeats broke last year and we never replaced them, so she was very happy to get these.

This morning we are heading down to the Honeybaked Ham store to pick up our Christmas ham, and after that we are heading to the outlet mall in neighboring Pigeon Forge to see what we can find. I have a feeling we are going to find a Walking Dead style hoard of humanity all hopelessly trying to do the same thing. We really have to plan ahead next year.

That’s about it for now.

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