Weekend Gluttony and GTD

I have truly overdid it this weekend. I would be embarrassed to tell you of the junk I have eaten over the past couple of days. Sure, it’s my Off Cycle, but I have pushed it to the point of sickness, and that can’t be healthy.

In spite of my gluttonous weekend escapades, the program is working. I dropped another five pounds over the week. I’m at 240 now. Yes, my friends, that’s 60 pounds lost. This shit works, simple as that. Tomorrow I cycle back on, and I can’t wait because I always feel great when fasting. Sometimes I have a post-weekend hangover for the first morning, but it fades quickly. Before long my energy rises, and I feel great.


I think I got all the kinks worked out of my GTD (Getting Things Done) system. I’m basically using Google Drive and Docs for everything. I’m using the INBOX folder as the funnel of my GTD workflow. I have the Drive app. on my phone set to upload scans to this folder, and I have a web clipper Chrome extension that does the same thing. I do a weekly review where I process everything from my email, Drive InBox, and physical documents. I also review my current and future projects, and my Possibilities (Someday-Maybe) folder at this time. For a task manager I am using TickTick (search Google Play), which is a very minimalist system. For my calendar I’m just using Google Calender, which is more than adequate

Maybe on the next post I’ll unpack how I use Google Sheets to manage my projects. It’s a very simple system, which is exactly the way I want it. Complexity is the mother of Doesn’t-Get-Done.

Ok friends, I’m going to hit the sack. I have agreed to go in early to work tomorrow. Much love and happiness to you all.

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