Work, Stoicism, and CGP Grey

I’m on a slightly different schedule tonight. I had a four-hour training at work tonight, so I went in at 10:00 am and just got off a little while ago at 8:00 pm. It was nice getting to be with Denice this morning. We ran a couple of errands before I left for work.

The training was actually pretty good. It was a lot like Stoicism, which is one of the foundations of my personal operating system (yes I have one). The concept is very simple. Life is full of events that happen to us. Many of these we have no control over. We only have control over how we respond to them. Stoicism goes even deeper with the idea that not only do we have control over our responses, but we also have control (total control) over how we think and feel about the events that happen to us. Anyway, the training was good. Dinner was catered, and it was also good.

I’m at home now. Denice and I are watching the Saturday Night Live Christmas special. We’re having a nice, relaxing night. I should be in bed though. Soon.

Oh, I recently found this new Youtube channel. It’s by a guy called CGP Grey. It is loaded with fast-paced, animated videos that explain everything from traffic congestion to physics. I’ve already watched a dozen or more of his videos, and I highly recommend them. Check him out:

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