I had a rough morning today. Once again I made the mistake of going to bed really late. getting five hours of sleep a night is just not cutting it.

My alarm clock went off at 05:10 this morning. I promptly hit the snooze button. Ten minutes later it sounded again. I repeated the process until I lost consciousness. I inexplicably woke up at 06:18 (I have to be on the road no later that 06:30 to be at work on time). I must have accidentally turned the alarm off. Anyway, when I say the time, I jumped out of bed in a panic. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant and relaxing morning. Thankfully, Denice helped me with the dogs, and I was able to make it to work on time.

Now, here I am. It is 20:36, and I am about to hit the sack. I run much better on a solid eight hours of sleep.

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