Stoic ramblings

Hi gals, guys, and entities of all vibrations. It’s Tuesday. I totally missed blogging yesterday. What can I say, it was a rough day. I’ve been hitting these phases in the evenings where I completely crash, and I mean completely. Last night after dinner I passed out on the couch and woke up with just enough time to do my breathing exercises, get a shower, and get in bed only an hour late.

Work has been busy, which is kind of the new norm. I am trying to employ my stoic training in this (and all things), because I know that my menial struggles are laughable in comparison with the true horrors that life can crush someone with. In all things I strive to be grateful for the experiences, and attempt to learn from them.

Speaking of the horrors of life, there are now fourteen confirmed dead in the Gatlinburg wild-fire. I’m sure some of those people had no idea that the fire was coming until it was too late. The winds drove the fire much faster and farther than the authorities anticipated. One minute you are living your life, secure in the supposed knowledge that you are safe, and the next moment you are experiencing a horrific death in the flames.

It may seem at times that you are further from death than other people. We look upon the old or the sick and feel sorry for them, but we are all just a breath away from facing the Grim Reaper. We are just one road-raging asshole or one tire blowout on any given day away from our end.

Life is short and hard, and the potential for suffering is so great. In that knowledge we should all desire to make life better for each other. Enjoy every minute of it, and never be afraid of its end. That will happen whether we fear it or not, so don’t.

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