The “Great?” War

For the past week I have been listening to a series on the Hardcore History podcast called Blueprint for Armageddon. This series is a blow-by-blow account of the first World War. To be honest, my knowledge of this war was thin at best. I had no idea that the scale, length, and sheer barbarism of this war was so mind-blowingly enormous. Some of the descriptions are so appalling that I had to take time off for a day to listen to something, anything, more uplifting. WW1 was a giant meat grinder of a war, and the worst part was it seemed so completely pointless (to me anyway).

I had always glazed over the first World War when I had studied history in the past. I did this in much the same way that I did with the previous season of The Walking Dead. “Last season wasn’t that exciting, so I will just watch the recap of it on Youtube, and then go directly into the new season because it has Negan,” I would tell myself. I figured that World War Two was a “more interesting” war because it had Hitler, death camps, and better weapons technology. True enough, but World War One was a sick, dirty, gore fest of high velocity metal tearing apart human flesh that had never been seen before on such a horrific scale. It is enough to make one cringe in embarrassment of being a member of such a barbaric species.

War is absolute hell. Maybe in the days of knights, sword fights, and honor things were a little different. Modern warfare is nothing of the sort. It is the extermination of human beings like mere vermin. It is an abomination.


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