Kettlebell virgin

Another weekend has come and gone. This weekend was a particularly lazy one. We really didn’t do a lot, other than watching college football yesterday (our team lost), and going to a fundraising event called, ‘The Fantasy of Trees’ today. I do feel more rested though.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am starting a new excercise protocol that I picked up from The Four Hour Body. It’s extremely simple. The plan consists of only three exercises: kettlebell swings, and a couple of bodyweight excersises. Other than for squats, I have never really used a kettlebell. I guess you could say that I’m a kettlebell virgin. Well, tomorrow I am going to ‘get lucky.’ I just hope my first experience with kettlebells isn’t as awkward as my first sexual encounter. We’ll see.

So, my workout tomorrow will begin immediately after work. It shouldn’t last more than fifteen minutes. Not that I’m trying to rush it or anything. I would really like to make it to third base with the kettlebell. I want it to be an experience to remember.

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