Let’s scarf some bird flesh!

Hi gals, guys, otherkin, and indeterminate. It’s Monday. Just a few more days to one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving, a day set a side to celebrate scarfing unholy amounts of food… one of my favorite pastimes. We are all prepared here, with the exception of the pumpkin pies. Krogers was sold out, so we’ll have to track a couple down before the hammer drops on Thursday. Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.

I now have in my possession, The Four Hour Body, by Tim Ferris. I have been gleaning what I could about Slow Carb and other tips and tricks found in this book from Youtube and various podcasts. I thought that I should go to the source to refine my methods. Luckily my local library had a couple of copies. Go socialism!

I’m just about to finish up Walden Two. I’ll make sure to write up a thorough review before I get too deep into my new book.

Time to sleep. Have a good night friends.

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