Just some hopeful rambling

Alas, the weekend is drawing to a close. I must return to work tomorrow. It will be a shorter than normal workweek though, since Thanksgiving is Thursday. In the past my company allowed us to take Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. That has changed. Now, we only get Thursday. It’s disappointing, but at least we get Thursday. So, I am thankful.

As bad as things seem sometimes, we do have much to be thankful for. The greatest of these would be that we still have the ability to affect positive change in the world. We can change things. We don’t have to wait on some political leader or institution to give us permission. We have the power, and we always have.

So, you powerful creature, go out and do something amazing. Don’t settle for what ‘they’ tell you is possible. You are limited only by your imagination and fear. Don’t give them that kind of power over you. Never give another person the power to make you submit or rebel. You are in control.

Life is good, it is sweet, and it is precious. Treat it as such.

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