DITL -Cleaning, Church, and Junk Food

It’s twenty minutes till midnight. I’m cutting it close, but I can’t let a day go by without getting a post in. It’s been over a month now since I committed to blogging every day. I have to say, writing daily has really been a neat experience. I’ve gotten a lot out of it, not the least of which is actually practicing some discipline in my life.

It’s been a laid back Saturday. Denice and I got some much needed cleaning in today. Our house goes through cycles of filth and cleanliness. We usually get caught up with the cleaning by Sunday, which is sort of our reset day for the week. It’s the day that we get all the grocery shopping done and get the laundry washed for the week to come. It’s also church day.

While it’s true that I don’t get out of church what I used to when I was a believer, I still participate in it because it is a way for me to connect with Denice and support her in what she likes to do. Plus, the people at our church are really nice. They also only have one service on Sundays, and that’s nice. Back when I was involved in my previous church, they had Sunday morning, night, and midweek services. It was nuts. Three times a week was a little extreme for me.

Oh, and today was ‘Fuck the Rules Day’ with my Slow Carb eating style, and I am really full and almost sick from eating junk all day. I started out with some leftover Pizza. That was nine o’clock in the morning, by the way. For lunch I had chicken nuggets and fries, and chased it with Dr. Pepper. Oh, and Peanut butter/chocolate balls for dessert. For dinner I had two cheese burgers, nachos and cheese, and cake for desert. It was a glutastical day. However, I am down another four pounds this week. Talk about having my cake and eating it too.

Well friends, I am going to hit the sack. Good night.

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