The Dark Hour is upon us

I’m sure many of you share the sentiment that it will be a relief when this screwed up presidential election is over. It has been a rough road. If I have learned anything from this fiasco it is that power truly concedes nothing without a demand. We all know Bernie was screwed out of the Democratic nomination. I don’t want to get into all that that entails, except to recognize one thing… if change is ever going to happen, it is almost certainly not going to come out of either of the two corporate parties. They are both equally corrupted.

In two days “we” will elect Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. Let’s face it, Trump doesn’t have any more of a chance than Bernie Sander did. Hillary has been chosen by the economic elite to be their stooge. She has proven that she is a team player, and will do as she is told, all the while making the masses feel that they have someone in office who is ¬†sympathetic to their needs. Trump, of course, was just a useful boogeyman, and that’s all he has ever been.

Something that Jill Stein says that has really stuck with me is that “we are the ones we have been waiting on.” If there will be progressive change in the future it is going to come through us, and not the top down political system. We must be the change that we want to see in the world. If enough of us get on board with making the world a better place, then the forces arrayed against us will not be able to stop us.

A better world is possible. There is no technical reason why all of humanity cannot enjoy a high standard of living, without war or poverty, and at the same time restore the biosphere to a healthy state. No, the problems are not technical, they are due to a systemic value disorder in society. This is the natural result when profit and power trumps (no pun intended) all other metrics for success. If we are to survive, this shit has to go, as Jacque Fresco says.

So, Hillary Clinton aside, I am going to choose people and planet over profit and power. There is another kind of power to be had. Instead of Power Over, we can have Power With. Together, we can change things. Together, nothing can stop us.

Sorry for the ranting and dreaming. It’s one of those nights.


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