Slow Carb: ‘Fuck the Rules Day’

20161105_084229It has begun. Fuck the Rules day is here. It is also weigh-in day, and I am happy to report that I lost ten pounds last week! That puts me at 242 pounds. Now, let’s shred some rules! I am writing this at the end of the day, so let me take you on a journey. Follow me and I will lead in into a world where few healthy people ever brave to go… the Fat Guy Food Binge. And what better way to start the day but with some Reese’s Cups and that sweet nectar of the Gods – Coco Cola. It’s eight o’clock in the morning, by the way. This is the earliest I have eaten food in months, and the first time I have had caffeine in a week.

Denice is awake now, and it is time to cook breakfast. It feels weird to say that. In fact, eating at this hour seems completely abnormal now, but here we go. Let’s make some pancakes, eggs, and bacon. delish! The bacon is microwavable pre-cooked bacon, by the way. Frying bacon is extremely messy. Oh, and the eggs are free-range organic.





Breakfast did taste good, but it was very heavy on my stomach. I felt lethargic for hours after this feast. I had planned on snacking a lot in between meals. I felt too full to pull this off though. I did however eat a few nachos and cheese sauce before dinner (sorry, no photo). I was actually so full that I had to skip lunch. I had planned on doing cheeseburgers and french fries, but I did not feel that I could do that and still handle dinner. And for dinner, you ask? Well, what else but Pizza…


What you are looking at is a large pan pizza from Pizza Hut. On my half I have pepperoni and bacon, and on Denice’s… sausage, banana peppers, and pineapple (gag). I chased this down with a big glass of Dr. Pepper. I struggled to eat three out of my four slices. It was just too much.

And for the grand finale, the icing on the cake, or in my case: the brownies in the pan.







It’s hard to tell from this last photo, but by the end of this day of gluttony, I feel totally sick. I mean on the verge of barfing sick. The one thing that I thought was notable about today was the fact that none of this junk food gave me the same sense of satisfaction, or ‘high’ if you will that it once did. It tasted hollow, and in the end made me feel terrible. The Dr. Pepper in particular just didn’t do it for me. I found myself longing for water, just good old, ice-cold, water.

I think the reasoning behind needing a caloric surge once a week is sound, however, I am questing my decision to make it a day of bingeing on processed junk. I think what I will do next cheat day is try to eat more healthy, but in a greater quantity that normal. I will probably also do some whole food starches, like potatoes, and possibly fruit. After all, I need to get a wide variety of micro-nutrients in, so this seems like a perfect opportunity.

That’s all for this Slow Carb series. I’ll post updates periodically, but I’m moving on to other topics tomorrow.

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