Slow Carb: Day Six

I have almost completed one full week of Slow Carb. Tomorrow morning I weigh in. I can tell by the fit of my clothes that I have definitely lost weight. Tomorrow also begins, Fuck the Rules Day!

I plan a full day of debauchery. Probably going to hit the store tonight, and get some junk. Can’t wait.

I feel the need to justify my wicked plans. According to Tim Ferriss and several Internet doctors that I have heard, having a day to go crazy is essential to the long-term success of Slow Carb and Intermittent Fasting. The logic basically says that the metabolism begins to slow down after an extended time of caloric restriction. This is the proposed reason why caloric restriction dieting almost never works over time. With a “cheat day” you can ramp up the calories, and get a kind of metabolic reset. Or at least that’s what I have heard. I’m going to need a few weeks of doing this to gauge if it will really work for me.

Tonight is movie night with our best friends, and there will be junk food. unfortunately, I can’t have any of it. It is not yet my time.

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