Slow Carb: Day Five


Today I did pork chops, black beans, and peas. Like I said before, I’m not a bean person. Historically, I have not eaten beans. Mostly because they’re nasty. However, after a few days of forcing myself to eat them, I have found that it is becoming easier. I still don’t like them, but it’s less of a struggle to get them down.

The pork chops were pretty good. I think this is the first time that I’ve ate them without Shake and Bake. They weren’t half bad though. I made a couple of extra, so I will likely have the exact same thing tomorrow. That flows with the ‘eat the same meals over and over’ rule.

I am looking forward to ‘Fuck the Rules Saturday,’ but I am not longing for it. I’ve been pretty satisfied with Slow Carb. I think I could do this indefinitely if I had/choose to.

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