Slow Carb: Day Three

It wasn’t long after I finished last night’s post that I started getting some caffeine withdrawal symptoms, mostly headache. I nipped that in the bud with some meds, and have been fine ever since.

I didn’t get a photo of tonight’s meal. It didn’t look good. I had chicken (which I burned), black beans, and mixed veggies. The meat was so dry and chewy I almost choked on it. A chef I am not. But, I got it all down, and feel full enough. I have to admit though, I feel the uneasy sensation that I am missing something. I have ate junk food almost every day of my adult life. This change is going smooth, but it is definitely different.

I hope I will be able to keep from deviating from the plan. I really want to see if all the hype is true come weigh-in day.

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