Chronic Male Syndrom

Today  was the first day working in my new custom orthotics. Orthotics are a type of shoe insoles, designed to correct some malformation of the feet. In my case, I tend to put too much pressure on the outside edge of my left foot. Generally what happens is the heel of my left shoe will get worn down on the outside edge really fast. It causes me to walk with my ankle at an uncomfortable angle, which results in pain. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember.

I finally got my feet checked out last month. Although they look totally normal, there was an abnormality lurking under the surface. To my surprise though, this is not uncommon, and is quiet easily corrected. They took a plaster mold of my feet, and a few weeks later I had my insoles.

This difference is incredible. Usually after a long day at work on my feet, I would be in a good deal of discomfort right now. That familiar pain has been more than cut in half.

Basically, I suffer from Chronic Male Syndrome. It’s a condition that causes one to “tough things out” and put their health and comfort on the back burner. It’s a very difficult condition to cure. The only know therapy that has any promise is continual female exposure. (Thanks, Denice!)

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