Tonight is movie night with some friends. I meant to work on the podcast post, but I will have to finish that one up tomorrow. Instead, I think I will share a few thoughts on, well, friends.

Friends are like family, only better. They are the family you choose. You didn’t have a say when it came to whose uterus that you found yourself in. Maybe your family is cool or maybe they suck. Either way, you are stuck with them. You were born into the situation. Not so with friends. To mutually choose friendship with another person is a truly a magical thing. There are few things like it. And I am talking about true friendship, not the kind that is engineered for ulterior motives. No, I am talking about the kind of friendship that emerges from a mutual fondness and acceptance of the other person, just as they are.

As for me, I am fiercely loyal to my friends. Once a person crosses that threshold and becomes one of my friends, it is a permanent thing for me. I will never forsake them. They may do things that I don’t like, horrible things, but I will never burn that bridge. I treat this connection equally as strong, or even stronger than blood relation.

With that said. I choose my friends carefully.

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