DITL with Potstickers

My energy was pretty good today. Very good, actually. My hunger was almost nonexistent. They even had free cake at work today, and I didn’t touch it. I can tell you that in the past that would have never happened. Turning down free cake would have been unimaginable. The intermittent fasting has really ramped up my ability to resist things like that.

After work I got in a quick workout. I did a couple of circuits of push ups, crunches, squats, dips, and dumbbell curls. I went through the circuit as quick as I could, with very little rest in between. It was exhausting, but in a good way.

On my way home I finished listed to a video on, what else, Intermittent Fasting, by Doctor’s Daniel Pompa and Jason Fung. This one was really good. They got into the benefits of eating a high fat / low carb diet, and that is a major paradigm shift for me. I am recently coming out of veganism, and the philosophy of that is to eat low fat and high carb. I am really simplifying it. There is a lot of information in the video.

When I got home Denice was really hungry. She wanted pancakes. I had my heart set on potstickers, so we made both. The pancakes didn’t go as planed. We incinerated them. The whole house still smells like burnt pancakes. The potstickers, on the other hand, came out really good. Denice had to resort to McDonald’s. I don’t know if I can ever do McDonalds again. Their food, with the exception of their fries, tastes like cardboard. I was happy with my potstickers and home cooked french fries. The Tamari sauce I was using was the saltiest substance I have ever tasted. I love salt, but it was pushing my limit.

Now, I am just about to do some Wim Hof breathing, and get a shower. Tomorrow is coming, and I must be well rested.


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