Slight change of plans

Ok, I wussed out. It was a long day at work, and I was a little hungry when I got home. So, I did not complete my two-day fast as I had planned. That’s ok. I know I can do it, but I’m still a little shaky at this whole thing right now. I’ll save it for a later time.

I think I really need to focus on getting my eating dialed in. I’ve got the intermittent fasting thing down. I just need to do some more research into what are the most optimal food choices for fat loss while practicing intermittent fasting. That, and I need to get a good workout routine nailed down.

In other news, my energy level was pretty high today. I got a chance to do a different, more physically demanding job at work today. It felt good to use my muscles in earnest. I always prefer getting excercise while doing something productive as opposed to just running on a treadmill or moving dumbbells up and down. It’s much more rewarding.

I decided a while ago to not do running until my weight gets down to 240. To me, the benefits would not be greater than the damage that I may possibly do to my joints. I have my mountain bike if I want to get cardio in, but running is just too high impact. Also, the USGS really hates dealing with the false earthquake readings.


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