The Cheat Day

screenshot_20161015-200736This weeks cheat day is now officially over. Saturday is my day to relax my eating regimen. I still practice Intermittent Fasting and abide by my 3PM to 7PM eating window, but I allow myself to eat more and worse than usual. Today I started things off with a peanut butter and cheese sandwich with some corn chips and queso. After than, I made Denice and myself some frozen pizza. And for the finale, we had some asian pot-stickers, and cake. Oh, almost forgot… I had a couple of twelve ounce Dr. Peppers. The day would not be complete without that.

In spite of my far less than perfect food choices throughout the week and my off-the-rails cheat days, I still managed to lose another five pounds. I am now down to 253 pounds. I know you’re probably thinking that me, at five-foot-seven and 253, is still extremely fat. You would be correct. However, I started this Intermittent Fasting program in July, and I was 295 then. I am making steady progress, about a three-pound average loss per a week.

My goal for next week is to step up my excercise to a higher level. My job is mildly physical, so I get a light workout all day long. I did a couple of quick (about fifteen minute) resistance workouts last week. It was nothing extreme, just dumbbell bench press, curls, squats, and crunches. Next week I am going to try to do a resistance workout every day, and push it up to thirty minutes. And to really get the most fat-burning bang for the buck, I will make sure to do it in a fasted state. After about twelve hours of fasting, my glycogen stores should be running on empty. This is the perfect time to workout for fat loss. Your body has no option but to pull from its fat reserves.

I have never felt this in control of my life. Fasting is an amazing tool.

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