They’re out There

I just finished watching season one of Supergirl on Netflix. It was extremely cheesy, but I liked it. It ended with Supergirl (Kara), her human family, friends, and a Martian (Jon Jones) having dinner together like a big, happy family. I guess that’s the best thing I can say about the show… it felt good. It’s worth sitting through the generic villains and implausible story lines, to see humans and aliens hanging out like family.

Given the recent finding that our estimation of the number of galaxies in the universe was waaaaaaaaaay off (the actual number is mind numbingly large), it is almost a certainty that there is other intelligent life out there, somewhere. The observable universe, the part of it that is close enough for us to see, may have over two trillion galaxies. Each of those galaxies is the home of hundreds of billions of stars. And most of those stars have planets, a lot of planets, a shit-load beyond all comprehension of planets.  The odds that we humans are the lone flickering candle of intelligence in the cosmos is beyond laughable. The real question is, is it even possible to bridge the vast distances between the stars? If it is possible… if there is anyway  at all for a technologically advanced species to do it, then it is a given that is has been done and is being done.

Some of the brightest minds on the planet think about these things. Steven Hawkings, one of the worlds smartest physicists, takes the possibility of alien life so serious that he warned the world against trying to make contact with them. Reaching out into the cosmos is a great risk, to be sure. If we find them, or, if they find us rather, there is a possibility that they may not value our lives very much. We may be seen as pests to be exterminated off of a fertile planet that is theirs for the taking. Or, a hardworking species of monkeys ripe for enslavement. Or, they may have good intentions, but inadvertently expose us to alien diseases to which we have no immunity. Is this sounding familiar? It should. Remember the Native Americans and Columbus? Things can go to shit real fast.

For giggles though, let’s say that the first aliens we meet are the nice ones, and that they are capable of protecting us from their germs. They would have to be super-advanced. It’s the only way they could have gotten to us. So, they would probably see us as children. A very young and primitive species. Hopefully they would look past our warfare, poverty, oppression and depravity to see that we have promise. It would be a godsend. Such a race of aliens could take humanity under its wings, and help us find our way. They could teach us to use technology as a tool to make life better. In a very short time we could clean the air and oceans, and help the earth recover from the destruction that we inflicted on it in our troubled adolescence. In time, they could even help us to travel to the stars, and maybe introduce us to some of their friends.

I really hope that’s how it plays out. The probably, like professor Hawkings says, is that… yeah, they’ll most likely try to kill us.


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