A Typical Day

It’s been a pretty uneventful day. Maggie (one of my dogs) woke me up at three in the morning, whining. I thought that maybe she needed to relieve herself, so I took her out. She did. We returned and I went back to bed. Not long after that I woke to the highly irritating sound of Maggie whining again. I tried to ignore it, but she kept it up, insatiably, for hours. I had no idea what was wrong, and still don’t. She seems fine now.

So, I started the day out slightly sleep deprived. Doing my Wim Hof breathing helped a little. I did the usual three sets of thirty deep breaths and retentions. I have been doing the breathing technique twice a day. One when I wake and once before bed. I don’t know if the timing is optimal, but it does seem to help. It’s a good way to start the day, and I like to do it before a shower at night.

I am still doing the five-minute cold showers at night. Last night I tried one of the “transition showers” that Ray Cronise talks about. It’s really simple. You clean with warm water, like normal. After that you turn the temperature up as high as you can safely stand for about ten seconds. Then you alternate to all the way cold for about ten seconds. repeat the cycle for about five minutes, ending on cold. It made my skin feel amazing, and helped me fall asleep quickly. It has a lot of metabolic benefits too. For more information watch this video.

My day at work was boring as usual. Nothing to report.

At the moment I am chilling on the couch with Denice and the dogs. I need to finish up phase zero on my action plan for The Transition, but like most nights I simply don’t have the time. I will have to save that for this weekend. I really should make more time for changing the world.

Till next time, my friends.

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