Intermittent Fasting

I have been doing intermittent Fasting for about three months now. So far I’ve lost thirty-seven pounds. I know I have mentioned that I am doing IF, but I don’t think I have explained what protocol I am practicing.

The protocol I am following is known as the 20/4 or Four Hour Window. Basically that means that I only eat between the hours of 3PM and 7PM. When I first started this protocol I would take a small snack to work with me, to eat on my way home. I have since evolved away from this. I effectively only eat once a day now. I have also gotten for flexible with my eating window. This past Sunday I ate one meal and around 1PM, and didn’t eat again until almost 8PM the next day. I felt totally fine. I no longer experience the sensation of hunger like I did when I first began. Contrary to popular belief, going without food (once you establish the habit) causes the feeling of hunger to diminish not increase.

I haven’t been doing the greatest with my food choices. I have gotten better, but I have a long way to go. I intend to be eating only whole foods, following the Paleo eating plan, on every day but Saturday. On Saturday I plan to relax my regimen and have a cheat day of sorts.

Throughout the week I get a steady stream of light excercise at work. Usually I do a resistance workout about an hour or two before I eat my meal. This is important for a couple of reasons. One is that Intermittent Fasting causes a spike in Growth hormone, which primes the body to burn fat and build muscle; and two, going more that 12 hours without food and then working will push your body into a magical state called Ketosis. Basically, Ketosis is when your body has run out of glycogen (which usually takes about twelve hours), and begins to convert body fat into energy. That is a very simplified explanation. I’ve included some links below that will explain Ketosis and IF in general.

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