The World on the shoulders of a Bee

20161010_100613I spend my break most mornings reading on the bench just outside of my workplace. It’s a pretty nice space. There are several shade trees and the very fragrant shrubs that you see in this photo. As I was passing them this morning I notices that there were several bumble bees on the various blooms. That’s not unusual at all. The bees often frequent these bushes. The unusual thing was that they were not moving. They seemed to be sleeping.

It was a cool morning, but not cold. I suppose it was just cool enough that the bees had gone into a temporary hibernation. I studied them for a few minutes. These creatures are truly fascinating. So small, but so, so essential. The bees work tirelessly, day in and day out. They have a symbiotic relationship with the plants. Without them, many plants cannot reproduce; many of which we depend on for our survival.

The earth seems so large. How could we small humans ever really hurt it? It’s an illusion. The truth is that the biosphere, the living part of the world, is a fragile system of systems. It’s like a giant Jenga tower. If you pull out too many little blocks, the whole thing comes down.

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