Sweating the Fat off at Home

Denice and I have had a membership at a local fitness club for several years now. We changed clubs about four years ago to our current club. The old club had almost everything we needed, except for a swimming pool. Denice really needs a pool to excercise in because of her back and leg problems. The new club was significantly more expensive too, but it was also much nicer in just about every way. The only drawback, besides the price, was that it was not open twenty-four hours a day. Our old club was. That, and we were out of our contract with the old one. So, we went into a new contract for three years to join the new club.

Today, we are now almost a year out of our contract with the new club, paying month to month. The shocking thing is (ok, given our history it’s not very shocking at all) that we rarely ever actually went and worked out. We would occasionally get inspired and go sweat it out for a while, but that never lasted very long.

Tomorrow we are canceling our membership with fitness club. We are doing this for a number of reasons, chiefly that we need the money. We are looking at a possible move to the great state of Colorado in the near future, and we need to save every penny we can. Also, we hardly ever go anyway, so no real loss.

I do find it kind of ironic that we have finally decided to pull the trigger and cancel our membership at almost the exact same time that I am finally seeing real progress with my weight loss and physical fitness, thanks to Intermittent Fasting. I am in a physical fitness awakening. I am actually working out regularly now. Luckily for me, my work place put in a gym a while back, so I have everything I need. Denice, however, does not.

We have decided to clear out our office room, seeing that we never actually use it as an office anyway, and use it as a home gym instead. We already have a yoga mat, Bosu ball, leg weights, and push-up handles. I am hoping to find a cheap but nice dumbbell set and weight bench on Craig’s List. It will be nice having all this stuff at home and not have to drive somewhere to workout. I think that was what was really inhibiting us. It was just a matter of it being inconvenient. We still need a way to do water exercises, but we can figure that out later. For now, we are about to run out of excuses, and that’s a good thing.

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