Seeing problems like a Stoic

I was reading some Marcus Aurelius yesterday. Marcus was one of the great Stoic philosophers. I’ve had a book that is a collection of Stoic philosophy for a while, but I’m just now really digging into it. Anyway, I ran across one of his sayings that the jist of was: No matter what happens to you see it as a good thing or something that good can come from. Whatever happens in this life if neither good nor bad it is indifferent, so use your mind to make it good.

Denice and I have been going though a turbulent time recently. Life has thew us a curve ball with the complications from her back surgery. Her rehab is going to take a long time. Being down to one income has been a challenge, and the challenge is going to get worse.

I’ve been trying to apply this Stoic philosophy to our situation and I think I see the good in all this. Our biggest problem in life is that it has stagnated into a comfortable routine. We get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, and repeat. The recent events that we have seen as bad and unwanted can actually be something of great value. They can force the change on us that we were unwilling to make ourselves. This is probably the best opportunity to begin to whole heatedly pursue our dreams that we have ever had.

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