Greetings, my friends. It is Saturday! A work week has come to an end, and now I have a whole forty-eight hours to do with as I please; subtract about sixteen for sleeping, four or five for household chores and errands, and a couple for hygiene maintenance.

Today I plan to prepare my old pickup truck for sale. We are in a little of a financial crunch at the moment. Being down to one income has been challenging, but in a way I am thankful for the pressure it has brought. There have been a number of things that I have been planning to do to increase our income. Before, we were comfortable and had little motivation to make change. Now, it is a matter of survival. We have a large cache of junk that I have been wanting to clean out of our lives and this is the perfect opportunity to do that and make a few bucks in the process.

The inability to execute on things and carry them through to the end has been one of my chief problems. Sometimes there is so much to do that it becomes overwhelming, and it seems easier to give up and do nothing. There is a technique I’ve been trying recently to combat this. It’s very simple. I just decide what is the one thing that if I were to accomplish it would make the day a success. Then I do that thing first. I focus all my effort on it early in the day when I have the most energy. Anything else that get done is just gravy after that.

Edit: It is now Sunday. I didn’t get this post finished by Saturday, which kind of makes my own point about procrastination. Anyway, hope you all are having a good weekend.

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