I’m about to go all New Age on you

This morning a little bit of a miracle happened. Denice has been setting her alarm to wake up at 4:30 to take her meds. She just had back surgery, and is doing pretty good by the way. Today the alarm went off and we both woke up. I helped her to the bath room, she took her meds, and then went back to sleep. Normally I would have crashed right beside her to sleep for another few minutes until my alarm went off at 5:15. On a good day I will only snooze the alarm twice and wake up with just enough time to throw my clothes on and run out the door.

I have been listening to an interview that Tim Ferriss did with Tara Brach, the famed meditation guru. This has kind of got me on the meditation/mindfulness bandwagon. I took the extra time I had this morning and did a simple ten minute meditation. It was very basic. I just sat down, relaxed all my muscles and tried to focus on my breathing. It’s amazing how much inner dialog goes on, even when you are scarcely aware of it. It was a little difficult quieting my mind, but I eventually got it mostly settled down. I had a really good morning and day for that matter. I think the meditation helped. I’m going to try it again tomorrow.

On a side note, I also started a private journal. I am doing this as an excessive is self-honesty and personal reflection.

That’s all for now. Till next time, my friends.

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